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The Anatolian Journal of Family Medicine The Anatolian Journal of Family Medicine - anatol j fm: 5 (2)
Volume: 5  Issue: 2 - 2022
1.Front Matter 2022-2

Pages I - VII

2.From the Editor
Mustafa Reşat Dabak

3.Allergic Rhinitis in Children
Nevin Cambaz Kurt, Burak Ölmez
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2021.39200  Pages 68 - 72

4.Ethical Issues in Pediatrics Practice
Hüseyin Dağ, Hakan Ertin
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2021.03064  Pages 73 - 78

5.Aspirin Use in Patients Aged 80 years and over in Turkey: Snapshot of Results from the ASSOS Study
Kadriye Memiç Sancar, Oğuzhan Çelik, Cem Çil, Özcan Başaran, Erkan Demirci, Veysel Ozan Tanık, Mucahit Yetim, Osman Karaarslan, Lütfü Bekar, Tolga Doğan, Mubariz Murat Resulzade, Çağlar Kaya, Volkan Doğan, Murat Biteker
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.26566  Pages 79 - 84

6.Social Determinants of Health Affect Postneonatal Infant Mortality: A Case–Control Field Study
Binali Çatak, Can Öner, Hayrunnisa Bekis Bozkurt
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.97759  Pages 85 - 91

7.Cutoff Value of Metabolic Score for Visceral Fat in Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Şevin Demir
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.27147  Pages 92 - 97

8.Evaluation of the Relationship between Neck Circumference and Metabolic Parameters in Women with Insulin Resistance
Zehra Margot Çelik, Mehmet Sargın, Havva Gonca Tamer, Fatma Esra Güneş
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.48344  Pages 98 - 103

9.Relationship between Technology Use and Eating Behavior
Ecem Gökbike Ersen, Ayşe Güliz Dirimen Arıkan
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2021.82584  Pages 104 - 109

10.Frequency of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Knowledge Levels of Women between 15 and 49 Years: A Cross-sectional Study
Muhammet Kızmaz, Mehmet Emre Ay, Ezgi Döner, Funda Gökgöz Durmaz, Burcu Kumtepe Kurt
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.55477  Pages 110 - 116

11.Effect of Nutritional Status and Muscle Strength on Mortality of the Palliative Care Patients
Yasin Güçlü, Hakan Demirci, Gökhan Ocakoğlu, Özge Aydın Güçlü
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.94914  Pages 117 - 122

12.A 27-Year-Old Case with Bilateral Breast Cancer
Deniz Esin Tekcan Şanlı, Emel Özveri, Emel Ure, Yasemin Kayadibi, Düzgün Yıldırım
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2021.64326  Pages 123 - 125

13.Diagnostic Dilemma in a Primary Care Setting: Postpartum Suprapubic Pain
Shahrul Hisham Sulaiman, Khasnur Abd Malek
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2021.29200  Pages 126 - 128

14.Spontaneous Pregnancy and Live Birth after Fertility-Sparing Treatment for a Yolk Sac Tumor: A Case Report
Begüm Ertan, Eyüphan Özgözen, Orkun İlgen, Süreyya Sarıdaş Demir, Erkan Çağlıyan
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.86570  Pages 129 - 131

15.COVID-19 Pandemic and Impact on Coverage of HIV Screening for Risk Groups
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
doi: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2022.81894  Pages 132 - 133

As we start to a new endeavor…

The aim of the Turkish Foundation of Family Medicine (TAHEV) is to conduct scientific research and educational work particularly in the field of family medicine and also in the field of medicine as well as to support sustained efforts and to raise awareness of the community. Knowledge can only be debated if it is written, developed by others, and transmitted to future generations. For this reason, as TAHEV, we are living with the enthusiasm and rightful pride of saying hello to you with "The Anatolian Journal of Family Medicine" in the eighth year of our foundation.

Everything is being consumed quickly, especially information is rapidly being produced and consumed with the introduction of the Internet. In this context, the challenge with a new journal is to lay behind the experience, power and expectation that has accumulated over the years since the foundation of TAHEV. Our goal is to produce a comprehensive, original, regular and permanent journal as well as to take place in national and international indexes.

The well-known leaders of family medicine in Türkiye as well as in all over the world establish the advisory board. Also, there would be a special advisory board which can change with every issue of the journal when we get support from different referees who are experts in their field and we will publish these contributions as a separate list of names in each issue.

Since family medicine is a kind of general medicine, we aimed to give place to all kinds of subjects such as topics related to daily practice and family medicine education. Our journal will always welcome interdisciplinary researchers and other disciplines.

With our belief that has always been, from now on, always together for the pursuit of the best.

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