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Volume : Issue : Year : 2021

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The Anatolian Journal of Family Medicine Common Bacterial Infections Of The Skin In Children [anatol j fm]
anatol j fm. Ahead of Print: ANATOLJFM-19870 | DOI: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2021.19870

Common Bacterial Infections Of The Skin In Children

Hüseyin Dağ1, Algün Polat Ekinci2
1İ̇stanbul University, Institute Of Child Health, Department Of Pediatric Basic Sciences, Adolesance Health, Istanbul, Turkey
2İstanbul University Istanbul Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Skin And Venereal Diseases, Istanbul, Turkey

Bacterial infections such as erysipelas, cellulitis, furuncle, carbuncle, or folliculitis are common infections of the skin, which is the largest organ of the body that forms a protective layer by wrapping the body, are very important in pediatric medicine. These infections usually occur when skin integrity is impaired. Skin integrity should be preserved with personal hygiene measures, and a multidisciplinary approach should be given to these skin infections with appropriate antibiotic regimens and when necessary, with the dermatology and pediatric infectious disease consultations.

Keywords: infection, skin, child

Corresponding Author: Hüseyin Dağ, Türkiye
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